Welcome to IQvideo. We are a full service video production studio, specializing in corporate events, convention videos, interview videos and sizzle reels. Some of our most recent work included Cryptocurrency forum videos and interviews, which you can view on our video production website.

IQ Video was established in 2006 and since then we had the pleasure to work with many Bay Area based companies like Google, eBay, Facebook and more. Our clients tells us that we have that certain eye and the technical, professional skill that it takes to produce a spot-on, memorable video. Your ideas coming across clearly, winningly and professionally to your target audience is IQ Videography Video Production Service’s mission. 

IQ Videography’s Production capabilities include:

  • Corporate Identity

  • Corporate Events

  • Training Videos

  • Commercials

  • Advertising

  • Public Relations

  • Product Videos

We will create a professional video in the style you need to get your point and your point of view across on target. Whether serious, funny, light-hearted, whimsical, artsy video - any style you need, IQ can produce. Not only your subject matters, but the feelings that you wan to to leave your audience with are all captured and produced with our professional crew and the keen photographic eye of their videography.

In the arts: 

  • Music Videos

  • Dance Performances

  • Theater Performances

  • Fashion Shoots

  • Recitals

  • Rehearsals

  • Promos

And of course, andy occasion or even that you want saved exactingly produced videography:

  • Party and Even Invitations

  • Reunions

  • Family Gatherings

  • Family Oral History

  • Confirmations, Christenings

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Video Production Company

While many people are choosing amateurs and do-it-yourself solutions, the benefits of hiring a corporate video production company are obvious. You get to work with a team of skilled and experienced creatives who use professional equipment and specialize in videography. Whether you are hosting a wedding or a corporate event, you may think that hiring a videographer is an additional cost. But since a professional video production can offer superb quality, it is actually a great investment and can potentially save both time and money. Even though video recording technologies are omnipresent and available to anyone, this doesn’t mean that an amateur can easily create a successful wedding or corporate video. Here is why!

Knowledge and Experience of a Professional Video Production Company

In the era of smartphones, inexpensive cameras and cheap or free video editing software, everyone can make an event or corporate video. But when hosting such an important event, you are looking for top-notch quality which consumer devices can’t provide. Amateur videos are often dark and shaky featuring unclear sound and lots of jump cuts. They are just not very appealing. Professional video production companies have both the crucial knowledge and experience in shooting events, conferences and interviews. A videographer who has covered many events knows exactly what to shoot, when to do it and how to be ready in any situation. Most importantly, they have a sense for storytelling which can be built only through years of experience in this industry. It may seem easy to just pick up a phone or a camera and record an event. YouTubers make it seem so easy after all. But when you stumble upon a really good video, remember that there is always knowledge and years of work behind it. Corporate video production ensures that you get meaningful and intelligible scenes. 

Specialized Sound and Lighting Equipment

While good videos can still be made with amateur equipment, they never have quality light and sound which makes them unattractive and difficult to watch. If you need a video you can present to your clients or watch over and over to recall beautiful memories, it should be made using specialized sound and lighting equipment. Professional video production companies have videographers who know when to use studio lighting but are also trained to pick the best angles to avoid direct sunlight or unflattering shadows. Whenever filming indoors, professional lighting will enhance the image and make everything look so much better. 

You should also be aware of the fact that good audio can never be recorded with a microphone built in consumer devices. Knowing that sound it very tricky to capture without getting distortions and a lot of background noise, corporate video production companies always use professional microphones. The sound should be high quality because it can’t always be improved in a post-production process like the image.  

Top-Notch Corporate Video Production

If you want a high-quality video, then you need to think about editing and post-production too. Even if you have an amateur who can capture your event, you still need someone skillful enough to patch different scenes into a dynamic video. Corporate video production companies work with professionals who specialize in video editing. They spend hours combining video footage to produce a very short video such as wedding highlights video. They are choosing the right scenes and trying to stitch them together seamlessly while telling the story of a particular event. To make videos compelling, they are choosing suitable soundtracks, enhancing the sound, adding animations or word art and using different filters or special effects. Professional video production offers an easily recognizable editing quality and a unique finishing touch which is hard to achieve by amateur production unless they are using expensive equipment and software. 

Creative Touch

Finally, corporate video production offers a unique creative touch. This is what makes event and corporate videos so likable and presentable. Black and white shots, drone footage, cool filters, dramatic effects… all of these elements can enhance the video, but experienced creators have both the knowledge and talent to use them the right way. Considering the pace of technology development, videography trends are changing quickly and it is difficult to keep up with them. Professional video production companies are always well-informed about new tendencies. 

And even though amateur videography may seem to be a cost-effective solution, it can actually turn out to be more expensive to DIY a video than to hire a professional corporate video production company. To make a quality video, you need to invest in equipment and software. And yet, you can still end up being unhappy with the final product. That is why you should invest in professional video production and save yourself the trouble.


Our team has wide experience fiming intervies in a wide variety of environments. Indoors, outdoors, with natural lighting or 3 point lighting systems with dual microphone setups. Below are some exapmles of our itervies. 


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