Super 8 Filmmaking for Your Wedding

 The Absolute Hottest New Take in Wedding Videos 

Super 8 mm film is becoming hugely popular for wedding videos. Super 8 mm film is the newest, best thing. IQ Videography’s stylish Super 8 wedding films are an artistic alternative to digital wedding videography. The choice is yours!

If you're not familiar with super 8, it's a vintage film technology that goes back to the 60s. The look is retro-awesome, timeless, an older sort of charm, endearing, and even sentimental—but not in a sticky way. It can have a romantic feel as well as an edge to it. The possibilities are endless.

Super 8 cameras have an incredible array of filming options not found on other film cameras. Imagine slow-motion, undercranking, time-lapse and more.

Some of these filming techniques can be created more easily on Super 8 than with a digital video camera.

The absolute best of the film world and the very best in digital editing technology is combined with Super 8 film and digital editing to create a stand-out wedding movie that is uniquely yours.

Since Super 8 sound film is no longer made, sound for your Super 8 movie can be synched. Any of your favorite music and voice cut-ins can all be synched to your wedding movie. The sharing of your vows will be there, perfectly synched to the film.

IQ Videography strives to make custom, stylized films that combine our generation’s style and sensibility with yesterday’s vintage film and retro feel. There’s no melodramatic, forced emotion--just the images of your wedding day unfolding in a timeless way.

Whether you choose this “new,” older technology, or state-of-the-art digital videography, IQ Videography is completely dedicated to capturing the fun and joy or your wedding day. We have fun too!



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