The wedding bells have stopped ringing, the flowers have wilted and the last of the fireworks disappeared in the night sky. You can still hear the laughter of your guests and the sounds of the wedding march, but the wedding day is already gone. You worked extra hard to make this day memorable and you succeeded. Everything was perfect, just like you wanted it to be. Wonderful memories constantly take you back to your special day and your heart warms up every time you think back to your wedding. However, as time passes, you realize that memories fade. Now, you can only recall the main things. You hardly remember the little details: the decorations, the outfits of your guests, the weather. Furthermore, you missed many parts of your wedding. For instance, if you are a groom, your never saw your bride getting ready.

Modern brides and grooms solve this problem by hiring a wedding videographer, who will preserve their wedding memories. Videography is a special form of visual art, which only a few perfect. So it’s very important to choose a wedding videographer wisely. All your meticulous wedding preparations can fade away in the blur of time if the wedding videographer fails to capture the atmosphere of joy and romance. What happened? How did your wonderful wedding become such a boring film? The answer is simple. You did not hire a professional because you were trying to save money. Too many newlyweds realize after the fact that opting for a low budget video was a huge mistake, After all, after the wedding, your video is the only thing – aside from the marriage itself – that will last you a lifetime. The bride will only wear her wedding dress once, the food and the drinks will be gone in no time, you will only ride in the limo and enjoy the reception hall for that one day. I won’t even mention flowers and balloons. After all the money you spend, what will you have left? Your wedding video.

For some strange reason, the video is what everyone tries to save money on. It does not make any sense! Of course, there are no small expenses when it comes to weddings. The budget allocated to wedding video should be as important as the budget for the wedding attire. Otherwise, the beauty of your special day will only be preserved in your mind and in a cheap poor-quality film.

So, what should you pay attention to when choosing a wedding videographer? Never start off your meeting by asking about the price! No serious wedding videographer will be able to answer this question without knowing the extent and details of your wedding and what you’re looking for in a wedding video. Indeed, you are the one who comes up with a price. You choose the format of your wedding film among various samples. Hopefully, you’ve already made an effort to visit several wedding videographers and review their work. Don’t be shy—ask as many questions as you need. Only once you understand what wedding videographers can offer you can you make an informed choice.

Observe the wedding videographer and communicate with him or her prior to signing the contract. It is important that you are surrounded by people that you like on your wedding day. In addition, establishing a good personal rapport with a wedding videographer will help with the film making process, since you want your wedding video to reflect you. Make sure you examine the video equipment. Your wedding videographer should demonstrate it to you, so you know that will be no unpleasant surprises the day of the wedding. Needless to say that sample videos are the most important influence on your decision. Only after viewing several films and taking your personal tastes into consideration, should you choose a wedding videographer.

If you follow my advice, your wedding video will bring joy to you, your family and friends and even your children. Think about it! You only heard about your parents’ wedding, but your children will be able to see your wedding with their own eyes.

Finally, I just want to wish a beautiful wedding and a film that will take you back to this wonderful day for many years to come.