Here are just a couple of things to consider when shopping for your wedding videographer.


1.   One of the most important things to ask your wedding videographer is to show you a finished product/final wedding movie.
Your final decision will probably way heavily on two factors.
Word of mouth recommendation and highlights/samples of productions you saw on the web.
While highlights of weddings can be quite impressive and powerful with very intimate moments and special effects and powerful background music, they won’t always reflect the entire final product.
While most weddings videos tend to run roughly 1 hour, sample videos seen on a website may only last a matter of minutes.
Sample videos shown usually tend to be the most exiting pieces of the event, but when shopping for a wedding videographer one needs to remember that the final product will not be a direct reflection of the excitement shown in the sample.
2.     Make sure to ask your wedding videographer the possibility of any additional costs.
Most weddings tend to include a lot of downtime and you end up with a package that doesn’t cover the most imperative parts of the reception. So, the possibility of covering the entire wedding could lead to additional charges for both shooting and editing hours.
After all, the more footage you have, the more time you’ll spend on production.

3.    Don’t forget to tell your wedding videographer about the things that are most important to you. If it’s focusing on the parents or ignoring one of the guests…
The more input and information the client gives to the wedding videographer, will be a direct reflection on the final product.