Additional coverage $500/hr

 Add-on Items:

 Raw Footage $500
 Main Feature Movie $1500
 Aerial Video (based on availability) $500

Which package is best for my wedding?

If you're planning an intimate wedding with a civil ceremony following a short cocktail hour and reception, and only interested in a short, highlights movie of the most important and memorable moments, the Basic package will fit best. 

Deluxe package is perfect for a bit more logistically complex situations such as multiple venues. You will have a team of two videographers that can split and cover two events at the same time, for example: brides' preparation and grooms' preparation. Or couples photo session and cocktail hour. Having two videographers allows for better coverage and more creative editing, as we end up with more footage, more angles and perspectives. Deluxe package also includes a documentary ceremony edit as well as all raw footage. 

The Premium package offers the the same coverage as Deluxe but also includes our award winning feature film edit. The feature film is a masterfully crafted cinematic wedding movie which takes about 6 months to produce. We carefully review all of the footage from your wedding, create a story line based on the ceremony, vows and toasts and put them together to your choice of music. Main feature movies are generally between 15-25 minutes long, depending on the wedding. 

Who will be filming my wedding? 
Any one (or two) of IQvideography studio members. Our lead shooters have at least 2 years of experience shooting with us, besides their previous experiences. They start their journey with us as 3rd shooters, then 2nd shooters and eventually graduate to become lead shooters. They spend the same amount of time editing as much as shooting. Packages with two videographers include a lead videographer and 2nd shooter.

Please keep in mind that you can customize any of these packages to fit your needs. Just send us an email ( and we will be happy to discuss.