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San Francisco City Hall Rotunda Wedding love story

Marina and Ronnie planned an intimate wedding and chose the classic and timeless Rotunda Ceremony at SF City Hall. We’ve spent a few hours at City Hall to capture the beauty of the building, the couple and the ceremony.

Marina and Ronnie also wanted to share a little bit of their story, so we spent some time in their apartment in Berkeley and filmed a short interview about them.

Afterwards we drove to Concord, where they park their small airplane, to get a few shots with it and the take off. Very excited to share their love story today.

Via & Peter

Loved working with Via and Peter. We arrived at city hall by 8am, to get that empty stairs shot, and we succeeded! You really can't beat that shot. 
The first thing we did as we arrived was the first look. We set Peter at the bottom of the stairs and had Via come all the way down. His reaction was priceless, just like his vows to her. 

Frances & Calvin

Big congrats to Frances and Calvin. What a cute couple :)

Because we were able to get to city hall fairly early, we were lucky enough to get a few "empty" stairs shots, which is one of the most common requests we get, is that stairs shot. City Hall gets very busy after 9am, so if you're looking to get that specific shot, be ready to get to City Hall by 8am :)

Jenn & Steven

It's not uncommon for a couple to exchange letters or vows, but wait until you hear these vows. 
Jenn and Steven decided to get married on Pi day, which is 3/14 for those who didn't know that. To be honest, we didn't know that either until Jenn told us. 
They stayed at he Presidential Suite at the Park55 Hotel, which we highly recommend as it's spacious and the views are just amazing.