Here are some reasons why you should consider a professional wedding videographer, rather than a friend or a relative, to capture your wedding:

• Filming a wedding is a lot more than just walking around with a camera and capturing funny stuff. A professional wedding videogpraher will capture all the right footage to create a perfect movie. He is also familiar and experienced with different types of wedding ceremonies and receptions.

• One of the most important parts in creating the wedding movie is the editing. While your friend or relative can be experienced in capturing video, he might not be well experienced in editing. Good editing can take up to ten times the time that it did to shoot the actual footage. Talent aside, is your friend willing to spend that much time for you ?

• Unlike an amateur, who during the filming will be in the way of guests, photographers and other vendors, a professional wedding videographer will find the best spot to ensure that he's not in anyone's way and that his video angle is good.

• A professional wedding videographer will use multiple cameras to create a different perspective for your wedding video. What are the chances that your friend or relative will have multiple cameras?

• Your friend might have a tripod, but he won't have a stabilization system for more sophisticated shots.

• Your friend will probably use the on-camera microphone, which will capture all the unwanted sounds during the ceremony and reception, like clicks, pops and babies crying. A professional videographer will use wireless microphones that sit close to your face and will capture your voice in the clearest way.

• Oh, and another thing... Is your friend really going to enjoy your wedding if he/she has to videotape it?