Cinematic Style vs. Traditional for your Wedding Video

Your wedding video should make you want to watch it again and again for as long as you both shall live. A good wedding video will record the experience, so that you can remember details long the first blush of wedded life has passed. A great wedding video will enable you to relive each moment of your wedding and re-experience the emotion of the day. The difference lies in how your video is filmed.

Timeless wedding videos go beyond providing a basic chronicle of your nuptials. They tell a story by weaving together all those special moments – some of which you may have even missed. From the bride getting ready and donning her gown to scenes of your guests at the reception, your wedding movie not only captures the joy of your wedding day, it actually increases the scope and range of the wedding experience itself.  

Creating a classic wedding video that reflects the wedding couple and stands the test of time involves not just what gets filmed but how it gets filmed. A stationary video camera on a tripod is just not going to yield the same results as a cinematic approach. Neither will an amateur videographer.

It takes a professional’s eye and experience to plan shots and yet still capture spontaneous celebration, and then to select interesting angles and work with the light. Filming your wedding is like shooting a movie, but in real time with just one take. So you need a professional who can work on-the-fly to set up and deliver crucial once-in-a-lifetime shots.

This cinematic style also requires filmmaking equipment (shot stabilizers, fluid-pan tripods, and lighting kits) that go far beyond the standard video camera packages. These tools – coupled with deft editing – produce an artistic wedding video that tells your wedding story in the grand manner of the cinema.

Of course, you can opt for a wedding video service that relies on videography, and settle for a generic, bland video. Or you can bribe a family member or friend into videotaping your wedding. That’s assuming you’re willing to tolerate potentially fuzzy focus or footage that zooms in and out because your amateur doesn't realize he's hitting the wrong button on the camera.

On the other hand, IQvideography will create a moving wedding video for you that uses sight and sound to set the scene and tell the story of your wedding in a stunningly cinematic and uniquely personal way. And every time you watch it in the years ahead, you’ll experience the magic of your wedding day all over again.