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Mika & Neil - a 5 days destination Indian wedding

This was one of the most adventurous weddings we had a pleasure of filming. 5 days of festivities over two weekends, in Tucson AZ and Los Angeles CA. 

It will take weeks of editing in order to tell the full story of this incredible wedding of Mika & Neil, but here is a short highlights movie we've put together to give you a glimple... 

A Love Story In Hawaii

B.J. and Jin decided to have their love story filmed in Hawaii. That required some planning. Especially since we only had one day to film everything and our plans included: underwater scene, beach scene, car shots, helicopter shots (flying), bike riding and shopping! And a yacht scene too, but that didn't work out, luckily. After 14 hours of shooting, here are the results, enjoy.

Destination Wedding Cabo, Mexico

When i think about all i want to say about Sasha & Mila's wedding i get dizzy. There is so much to share, so many beautiful moments, emotions, love and laughter... that it would take days to describe. 

All i can say is that is was an amazing wedding and a great adventure for us. You can take a look at some of the photos from the wedding here.

Sasha is a professional photographer. And when a photographer asks you to film his own wedding, it means something... 

Thank you Sasha and Mila for having us.