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Over the top wedding entertainment at Carneros Inn Napa

This kind of attention to detail is rare. Mark and Daniel put so much thought into their wedding and made sure their guests are getting top of the line entertainment with some crazy drag queen performances. Check it out.

the carneros inn wedding | jaeca & matt

I seem to be encountering weather.  Recently it was thick fog at the coast. For this wedding in the Napa Valley, rain!  In California we go all summer without a thought of rain.  In late October and early November we get our first rain and have to scramble to remember where we last put our umbrellas. Thank goodness for all the umbrellas that magically appeared so that I could go on filming.

After planning the perfect outdoor wedding at the ultra-posh Carneros Inn in Napa, Jaeca had to make a last-minute decision to move the wedding indoors or to put up a tent. 

The staff at Carneros Inn is top-notch and a tent went up so quickly it was like … FX! In every way it was a luminous wedding, even in the rain. 

Watching Matt open Jaeca’s wedding gift to him nearly knocked me over. It looked like an album but judging by his reaction as he opened it, the contents may have been for his eyes only. 

And another first, or perhaps a record. I’ve seen some impressive wedding cakes, but this one was by far the largest I’d ever seen.  It was an absolutely beautiful tower of deliciousness and sweet wedding wishes. 

Thank you, Jaeca and Matt, for letting me be a part of your memorable wedding.