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Melissa & Tam | highlights

I previously filmed Melissa and Tam’s Love Story and I looked forward to the wedding. Or better yet: The Party. A huge celebration with family and friends made this wedding a smash hit.          

Reserving the date far in advance was essential for Saints Patrick's Church in San Francisco, since it’s one of the most desired wedding venues in the City. 

The long, graceful trip down the aisle was made even more precious by the ring bearer, who looked only a few months old, rode a wagon, the Radio Flyer kind, fabulously decorated for the wedding, and was pulled by a page boy. That shot was a first for me. I love those firsts.

A party bus, complete with cocktails—oh yeah—drove gaily about the City and we eventually disembarked at the San Francisco Galleria for the reception. The Galleria was decorated ultra-glam. Melissa and Tam made a grand entrance and sprung onto the spotlighted dance floor, and broke out some happy, happy moves.

Best wishes Melissa and Tam. Thanks for the wonderful day.