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Palace Hotel Wedding San Francisco

Stephanie and Christopher met two years ago at a concert for a band "James." How cool is that? :)

When we met a couple of months ago to talk about the wedding, i knew it was going to be a day full of fun and emotions, which got us all very excited. They chose the Palace Hotel in San Francisco due to it's classic and luxury look. Which again, got us very excited :)

This wedding was also an opportunity for us to test the brand new Lowel GL-1 hot light. This light is absolutely amazing. It's extremely powerful and versatile and being able to have this power in a palm of your hand and move is just amazingly convenient. 

We've used it for all the night shots, for the first dance, the entrance and even for a few shots during bride's prep. It allowed us to get more dramatic shots, easily. Similar shots might have been achieved with a regular led panel, but the light would have to be inches from the couple, which would change the composition of the shot significantly.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

When Emily and Yung and I met first time at the 4 Seasons, where they initially wanted to get married, we spent an hour talking about what they want and how they want it and i knew then their wedding is going to be spectacular from all points of view. But most importantly they were (and still are) fun and loving and that is more than enough for me. 

Since then they changed their wedding venue to San Francisco City Hall.

City Hall is a pretty amazing building and one of the most wanted venues in the Bay Area, but with Morgan Events help it looked simply fabulous. Take a look at our latest highlights video.

San Francisco Argonaut Hotel wedding | Monica & Patrick

“I could never live without you.”* This heartfelt lyric was intertwined in Monica and Patrick’s vows which were the centerpiece of their delightful wedding. On a beautiful spring day, we shot Monica and Patrick’s wedding in the courtyard of the Argonaut Hotel, situated in an historic building fronting the Bay. I can’t imagine a more perfect day. Thank you, Monica and Patrick.