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An intimate wedding at Shelldance Orchid Garden and Archery SF

It's been a while since we posted. So many projects we're working on, combined with family, vacation and running a business... and you get a blog that hasn't been updated in a while.

Well, today, i wanted to share a very intimate wedding we filmed last year for Cecilia and Ryan. They picked two very unique venues for their wedding. 

For the ceremony, they chose the Shelldance Orchid Garden in Half Moon Bay, and for the reception, The Archery SF. 

Photo by Molly Gilhom

Calistoga Indian Springs Wedding Jackie and Danny

Jackie and Danny lived two blocks from each other in San Francisco but met all the way in Idia! Sometimes you really do have to travel across the glove to find someone that's been next to you all this time. 

Jackie and Danny are the nicest couple and we had such a great time filming their wedding in Indian Springs, Calistoga. 

Over the top wedding entertainment at Carneros Inn Napa

This kind of attention to detail is rare. Mark and Daniel put so much thought into their wedding and made sure their guests are getting top of the line entertainment with some crazy drag queen performances. Check it out.

San Francisco Fairmont Wedding Sarah & Danny

When i think about this wedding, several words come to mind: amazing, gorgeous, sexy, beautiful, emotional, romantic and fun. These are just a few. But that's not nearly enough to describe this wedding. Easily on top of our favorite list, Sarah and Danny had planned an amazing celebration at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and i'm very excited to share their movie. 

Merchant Exchange Wedding Jenny & Jamien

When we learned that Jenny & Jamiens' first dance song is "The way you make me feel" by Michael Jackson, we got very excited. Obviously this had to be a fun wedding. And indeed it was. 

We spent a few hours just walking on the streets of San Francisco, getting great eye candy footage of the couple. Afterwards we got back to the Merchant Exchange Bulding aka Julia Morgan Ballroom for the ceremony and reception.