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Best of the Bay

You made my day! I’m pumped! I’m jazzed! I’m also humbled by the honor of winning First Place for the 2010 Best of the Bay Wedding Videographer! My super-cool brother, Joseph Kohn, also won First Place for the 2010 Best of the Bay Wedding Photographer.  It feels so great because it’s such a rush to work together. It’s like peanut butter and jelly. Just works great together every time. Thank you, so much for your votes of confidence that put us both over the top. It means everything to us. And yes, our parents are very proud.  


Now you won’t have to send gift DVDs in plastic jewel cases!

I have a terrific new collection of DVD cases.

Below are DVD cases in fine papers and fabrics with a braid and bead closure. Luxurious!

Or these sumptuous cases. It has a space for your DVD on the side and your photo on the other side. It's all hand-made from fine silk brocade and hand-finished with fine workmanship. Several choices of brocade colors and a carry bag to protect it -- and the bag is reusable too. An elegant choice for your DVDs.