Panasonic GH4 review for weddings

Panasonic gh4 review for weddings

A few weeks ago we shot a wedding entirely in 4K using 3 Panasonics GH4s and i decided to put together a short review. 

For those who don’t have time to read, i’ll just put it this way: the panasonic gh4 is a great camera and is capable of taking amazing images. I just wish it was full frame and better in low light. 

For a more in depth review, keep on reading: 

Overall the GH4 is clearly better suited for video than any other DSLRs i had a chance to work with (5Ds, D700s). Some of the features that stand out the most are:

4K resolution video!!!

tilting display

ability to view/record video via the eyepiece. 

eyepiece sensor that will dim the display automatically if you’re not close to it (several inches close)

many different video formats to choose from

built in teleconverter without loss in quality or light (does not work in 4K mode)

ability to record non stop

peaking, zebra

ability to adjust and create custom picture presents (and adjust curves)

and more

Image quality, as you can see from the video is superb. Sharpness and clarity are absolutely amazing. Which can be good and bad… You definitely have to be careful with closeup shots of the skin for example. 

This high resolution image combined with the micro 4/3 sensor sometimes remind me of that old DV cam look. this is very noticeable in medium shots with little DOF. It took me a lot of time to achieve that film look (that i hope i achieved). I mainly used curves and colorista plus some film grain. 

Low light capabilities of the GH4 are low. Anything above 1600 ISO looks pretty bad. I heard Neat Video can help reduce some of the noise but i haven’t tried it.  


We used 3 Panasonic’s GH4s with Lumix 12-35mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8 and 7-14mm f4 lenses. All rented from BorrowLenses. The one with 7-14mm was used on Movi M5. 

Due to the crop factor, getting wide shots is extremely tricky. The 7-14 in my opinion is the ultimate lens for that purpose. Unfortunately it’s not very fast and almost useless in low light conditions, unless you have plenty of light. 

We’ve also used a Canon EF adapter in order to use some of our Canon glass however pretty much anything beyond 50mm becomes almost a telephoto without image stabilizer, which makes for crappy/shaky footage. So we ended up using Lumix lenses most of the time as they have built in IS. 

Editing is a pain. I’m on a 3.4 GHz i7 with 16GB of ram editing in Premiere and it’s slow! And once you start color correcting and adding some filters it just doesn’t move any more. 

I did notice however that Premiere CC works a bit better with 4K footage. 

Exporting took roughly 3 hours. 

This wedding as i mentioned we shot on 3 cameras by two videographers. A wedding like this shot on 5Ds would take about 50GB of space. With the GH4s, it's taking 175GB. 


I think the GH4 is a remarkable camera. It outputs a 4K resolution image in less then $2000, which is pretty amazing. It sports a lot of great features that add value to any type of production including a wedding.