the omni hotel wedding || heather & bryan

How cool is it for a wedding to take place on 10/10/10? Perfect for me as I packed my gear and headed to the super elegant OMNI Hotel in downtown San Francisco for Heather and Bryan’s wedding. They consider it more than a venue, since it’s where they met. Perfect, no? Beautifully decorated just for them, the place looked lit up like never before.

Heather and Bryan are a truly wonderful, warm and charming couple. Heather’s smile could melt hearts – in fact it did. Just ask Bryan. 

Heather and Bryan met at dance class and they wowed the crowd with their moves at their reception. They glided and spun on the dance floor, perfectly in synch . It was a wow!

Thank you City of San Francisco for providing California Street as it waves upward toward Nob Hill with cable car tracks shimmering in the night light. This made for some fabulous shots as we stood right in the middle of the street. Yep. It was a blast. The passing motorists only added to the elegance and atmosphere. 

I had  a wonderful time. Thank you so much, Heather and Bryan.