St. Regis, city hall, One Market wedding || hollie & alan

Hollie and Alan’s wedding was a City-wide event. All the fun started at the modern and posh St. Regis Hotel near the Museum of Modern Art. I loved the HELP ME sign that Alan made to show to the camera. While the guys donned their low-top Converses, Hollie finished up her elegant, polished look.  All ready now and time to head to City Hall.

If anyone ever doubted that a wedding at San Francisco City Hall can be rich with history and elegance, Hollie and Alan’s wedding is proof positive of what a sensational venue this is. We got to set up cameras on two levels. Now everyone can see in the video the view from above which they couldn’t see while the wedding proceeded on the main floor.

This wedding didn’t slow down as we boarded a bus and headed around the City for more photo ops. I had a crazy time shooting this really great couple and their wedding party at the Palace of the Legion of Honor. I thought this great looking group fit perfectly, getting a chance to blow off some steam between the columns.

Thanks to the headwinds at the Golden Gate Bridge, we got some really great footage as the wind carried Hollie’s veil. Was that a totally romantic look or what?

Not to be missed, we were off to One Market for the rockin’ reception. 

What a day! Hollie and Alan are a fun and funny pair. It’s all the great couples like them that make my job so cool. Thanks Hollie and Alan.