Nestldown Wedding - Joanne & James

When the entertainments for what first appears to be a pretty formal wedding includes the bride scooting an egg up the leg of the groom’s trousers, you know that this couple has it all together. And the guests fell right in with the wonderful combination of the levity as well as the earnestness of the first moments of a marriage.

They gave each other wedding day gifts that would make them laugh. S & P salt and pepper shakers. I wonder who is salt and who is pepper? Joanne laughed and laughed.

With so much laughter and action going on, I hardly even had to work. With the festivities 360 degrees around me, I was spinning to catch it all. These wonderful people made my work a joy.

It takes a big venue to hold this sort of a love story, the hijinks, the joy, the sheer amazingness of it all, and the huge redwood trees at Nestledown and the sheer lushness of this stunning spot cradled this super wonderful wedding beautifully.