Elizabeth & Alex - The Palace Hotel Wedding - San Francisco

The Alex Smith and Elizabeth Barry wedding was super glamorous and great fun.

Alex Smith, 49ers quarterback, and Liz (Elizabeth) Barry, former Raider’s cheerleader, wed, and I was the lucky one who got to film it. It’s not everyday that I meet celebrities when I go to work.

Liz and Alex were a delight, so pleasant and easy to work with. Simply terrific people and consummate pro’s.

The Palace Hotel was positively decked out to the max for the occasion. The golden-lit Palace Court was eye-popping. Everywhere my eye turned was a photographers dream to film. Thanks to everyone who had a part in making it as beautiful as it was. Bride, groom, and the huge wedding party, all added greatly to the ambience and look of the wedding. I couldn’t have had a better time while at work!

Thank you so much, Liz and Alex, and every happiness to you both!