Linsey & Joe - Save The Date

A Save The Date video – something new! What a great way to let your friends and guests know that you’re Getting Married!! and to Save The Date, mark it down, circle it twice, start planning what you’re going to wear! Way better than a postcard. A Save The Date video lets your friends and family know what you look like these days, introduce them to your sweetie if they don’t already know him, and see the two of you In Love! Make that Madly in Love! It’s a Wow! It’s relaxed and in love, and a little less formal than your wedding video. People just love these. Betcha they’ll watch it before choosing which Netflix DVD to pop in the player. Not to mention a lasting memento for your loved ones.

I’ll be including Save The Date videos in some of my 2009 Wedding Packages.

Many thanks to Linsey and Joe. Comments are welcome! Photography by Joseph  |