Interesting Survey

A few days ago, I came across an interesting survey:
According to this survey, commissioned by (WEVA), 98% of surveyed newlyweds recommended that brides have their weddings videotaped.

It seems that brides don’t fully appreciate the value of video until after the wedding. Before the wedding, only 50% of surveyed brides considered wedding video among other wedding-related services. However, after the wedding, that number climbs to 75%.

Between surveyed brides, 38% did not have their weddings captured by anyone ‘ amateur or professional, and apparently have some regrets. 63% of them now strongly recommend that future brides hire a professional videographer.

98% of surveyed brides, used the services of a professional photographer compared to only 29% for professional videographer. However, surveyed brides who used professional services for both were expressive about what they like best for each of these professional services.

Not surprisingly, newlyweds today say it is more important than ever for brides to have their wedding video delivered on DVD. Five years ago, only 27% of surveyed brides said it was very important to get their videos produced on DVD. That number climbed to 55% for this latest survey.

In addition, 43% were interested in still prints from video; 32% were interested in widescreen format; 29% were interested in live Internet web casting of their wedding; and 21% said they were interested in the new video production concept of a ‘Same Day Edit.’

Here you go!

Alexander KonComment