A Workshop to Expand Your Wedding Videography Skills

Individualized Training Tailored Especially to Your Needs

If you want to increase your confidence level, learn new techniques, make your wedding videography all your own, this workshop starts with the skills you already have and builds on them. We’ll train you to develop your wedding videography in a hands-on setting with a highly sought-after, San Francisco-based wedding videographer.

Are you passionate about improving your videography? Are you a relative beginner to wedding videography? Is your portfolio small? Whatever your level of experience, if you really want to create stunning wedding videos, I’m happy to work with you. We’ll move your finished product to a higher level.

What makes the difference between so-so wedding videography and stylish videography with your own signature? Practice, good advice, new ideas, training in new techniques, and possibly learning to use new equipment.

If you’re inspired to move your videography up to a quality and style you’ve dreamed of, I’m confident I can head you in the right direction. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills and I know that I can help improve your videography in a relatively short time. I have a wealth of experience that I’m confident will help your work.

The “workshop” is one-on-one instruction, a half-day at a time. We’ll go out and practice. We’ll look at the rough film, critique it, and work on editing it. We’ll work on ways of creating something new every time, even for the must-haves: the wedding gown, the rings, getting ready, walking down the aisle.  

We’ll work on any part of your videography or your videography business. We can discuss equipment choices, editing, how to find clients, how to build a network of other wedding professionals to bring in referrals, communication, marketing, branding, optimizing your website, and most importantly, a direction for your individual style.

Is there a secret to shooting a beautiful wedding beautifully? It has something to do with seeing, looking around—all around—since video can take in the sweep of the action that photography can’t. If you focus on your subject alone, you may lose a better shot. Look around, move to an entirely different position, find new angles. Get more into each segment you film. More color, more movement, more of your point of view, more art, more beauty, more emotion. Make it fine videography. Learn how to avoid falling into the rut of predictable video.

We all know that there are some big wedding videography seminars out there. Perhaps you’ve attended one. They charge a lot, but do you get much one-on-one time with that sort of seminar, with other students jostling to get the instructor’s time? With private mentoring, all of my time and attention is yours.

Please contact me with any questions. You can create wedding videos that will thrill your clients and build your business.


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