Looking for ways to entertain your guests and make a fool out of yourself? Look no further! Our slow motion booth is exactly what you need. Just watch our video below to learn why. 

Ok, here it is—a Slow Motion Video booth. 

Monkey business, horsing around, frolicking, getting up to mischief is what will be going down in your booth. You and your guests play the parts of the specially cast group of actors--your invitation list.

Who would shoot a water pistol at a friend with perfect dress, makeup, and hair? You could! And someone would!

And here’s what makes Slow Motion Booth so much fun. Scene 1. Her expression is caught moment-by-moment. First smiling, then quizzical, then eyes wide in horror that it’s really happening. Then the pièce de résistance, watching her face squinch up as you can see the water drops landing on her. Scene 2. Her revenge!

The Slow Motion booth comes with a crazy wild assortment of props. Everything you can think of that’s bizarre, silly, historical, futuristic. Plus a pile of cool toys to use on (attack, in a friendly way, of course) your friends and lovers.

It’s all about creating an environment where people can revel in some serious silliness. The Slow Motion booth gives them the stage and the props to do it. 

If you want some huge fun and letting loose at your wedding, I can’t think of anything that gets it all going better than the Slow Motion booth. It really gets conversations going.

Save the Date for yours now. Call us at IQ videography, 415 606-9791. We’ll fill you in on all of the fun. Gotta hurry on this one! It’s crazy popular. It will seriously animate your wedding reception.