Erica & Michael // Solage Calistoga Wedding

Very excited to share Erica and Michaels' movie. Easily one of our favorite weddings of this year. Erica and Michael are absolutely amazing and we are so lucky to have such clients. 

One of the songs that was used in this video is a song by Ericas' dad, Steve. He wrote it specially for Erica and played it at the wedding. How awesome is that?!

Annadel Estate Winery wedding Litsa & Jonas Santa Rosa

This was one of the most exciting weddings this year. We had a wonderful time filming Litsa and Jonas's wedding, get to know them better and share their story. They both met in San Francisco even though originally from Europe. 

One of the things i really enjoyed is the toasts. All of them were so deep, meeaningful and humorous, which unfortunately is not a common combination. 

Venue: Annadel Estae Winery in Santa Rosa

Marina & Jonah at Cornerstone Sonoma

Very excited to share this amazing wedding. Marina and Jonah tied the knot in Sonoma at the Cornerstone Gardens. This wedding was packed with fun, excitement, amazing details and love. It was our first time filming at Cornerstone and i must say this venue offers the most backdrops i've seen. So many great opportunities that we could lierally spend hours just going around and taking great shots. Of course due to the nature of the event we only had 20 minutes :)

Slow Motion Booth // the latest in wedding entertainment

A few weeks ago we have experimented with something very new, called Slow Motion Booth. Unlike a photo booth, the slow motion booth does not do photos. It does video! But in crazy slow motion. Have you even seen one of those national geographic movies where they show a Cheetah running super fast but in slow motion? Well it's a similar idea, except our subject are your wedding guests. And we make them do silly things (watch video). The results are crazy funny to say the least (watch video). Seriously, watch the video because there is no way to describe how funny this is.