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Annadel Estate Winery wedding Litsa & Jonas Santa Rosa

This was one of the most exciting weddings this year. We had a wonderful time filming Litsa and Jonas's wedding, get to know them better and share their story. They both met in San Francisco even though originally from Europe. 

One of the things i really enjoyed is the toasts. All of them were so deep, meeaningful and humorous, which unfortunately is not a common combination. 

Venue: Annadel Estae Winery in Santa Rosa

Marina & Jonah at Cornerstone Sonoma

Very excited to share this amazing wedding. Marina and Jonah tied the knot in Sonoma at the Cornerstone Gardens. This wedding was packed with fun, excitement, amazing details and love. It was our first time filming at Cornerstone and i must say this venue offers the most backdrops i've seen. So many great opportunities that we could lierally spend hours just going around and taking great shots. Of course due to the nature of the event we only had 20 minutes :)

Slow Motion Booth // the latest in wedding entertainment

A few weeks ago we have experimented with something very new, called Slow Motion Booth. Unlike a photo booth, the slow motion booth does not do photos. It does video! But in crazy slow motion. Have you even seen one of those national geographic movies where they show a Cheetah running super fast but in slow motion? Well it's a similar idea, except our subject are your wedding guests. And we make them do silly things (watch video). The results are crazy funny to say the least (watch video). Seriously, watch the video because there is no way to describe how funny this is. 

Panasonic GH4 review for weddings

Panasonic gh4 review for weddings

A few weeks ago we shot a wedding entirely in 4K using 3 Panasonics GH4s and i decided to put together a short review. 

For those who don’t have time to read, i’ll just put it this way: the panasonic gh4 is a great camera and is capable of taking amazing images. I just wish it was full frame and better in low light. 

For a more in depth review, keep on reading: 

Overall the GH4 is clearly better suited for video than any other DSLRs i had a chance to work with (5Ds, D700s). Some of the features that stand out the most are:

4K resolution video!!!
tilting display
ability to view/record video via the eyepiece. 
eyepiece sensor that will dim the display automatically if you’re not close to it (several inches close)
many different video formats to choose from
built in teleconverter without loss in quality or light (does not work in 4K mode)
ability to record non stop
peaking, zebra
ability to adjust and create custom picture presents (and adjust curves)
and more

Image quality, as you can see from the video is superb. Sharpness and clarity are absolutely amazing. Which can be good and bad… You definitely have to be careful with closeup shots of the skin for example. 

This high resolution image combined with the micro 4/3 sensor sometimes remind me of that old DV cam look. this is very noticeable in medium shots with little DOF. It took me a lot of time to achieve that film look (that i hope i achieved). I mainly used curves and colorista plus some film grain. 

Low light capabilities of the GH4 are low. Anything above 1600 ISO looks pretty bad. I heard Neat Video can help reduce some of the noise but i haven’t tried it.  


We used 3 Panasonic’s GH4s with Lumix 12-35mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8 and 7-14mm f4 lenses. All rented from BorrowLenses. The one with 7-14mm was used on Movi M5. 

Due to the crop factor, getting wide shots is extremely tricky. The 7-14 in my opinion is the ultimate lens for that purpose. Unfortunately it’s not very fast and almost useless in low light conditions, unless you have plenty of light. 

We’ve also used a Canon EF adapter in order to use some of our Canon glass however pretty much anything beyond 50mm becomes almost a telephoto without image stabilizer, which makes for crappy/shaky footage. So we ended up using Lumix lenses most of the time as they have built in IS. 

Editing is a pain. I’m on a 3.4 GHz i7 with 16GB of ram editing in Premiere and it’s slow! And once you start color correcting and adding some filters it just doesn’t move any more. 

I did notice however that Premiere CC works a bit better with 4K footage. 

Exporting took roughly 3 hours. 

This wedding as i mentioned we shot on 3 cameras by two videographers. A wedding like this shot on 5Ds would take about 50GB of space. With the GH4s, it's taking 175GB. 


I think the GH4 is a remarkable camera. It outputs a 4K resolution image in less then $2000, which is pretty amazing. It sports a lot of great features that add value to any type of production including a wedding. 

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Guide

San Francisco City Hall Weddings

All in a Few Simple Steps

We absolutely love to shoot weddings at City Hall and we’ve done loads of them at this amazingly beautiful building.

Even though we know this unique venue like the back of our hands, we’re always excited to shoot a wedding there again. It’s never exactly the same and we look forward to each opportunity we have to create something fresh and new for you. And we know all of the special spots for really sensational video.

It’s a truly wonderful place to get married. All of the backgrounds are elegant, neutral in color, and have a timeless quality to them. It doesn’t matter what time of day you get married, the light is always wonderful.

If you are considering City Hall for your wedding, we’ve put together some information that we hope will be helpful for your planning. City Hall + IQ videography + you is a great combination for a wonderfully memorable and beautiful wedding in the heart of San Francisco.


Ah, that first step! You’re getting married! Yep, it’s really happening.

You can go to the County Clerk’s office in person without a reservation, or you can make a reservation online to get your license at http://www.sfgov2.org/index.aspx?page=15

When you’re at the Clerk’s Office at your appointed time, you will need to have a currently valid, legal photo ID with you. An expired drivers license or passport won’t work. Both of you will need to be there! You must be 18 years of age. You don’t have to be a U.S. citizen, and you don’t have to be a California resident. Blood tests aren’t necessary.

If your ID is in another language, it must be translated by a Court certified translator or by an American Translators Association (ATA) certified translator.

Any couple may be married in California. As of June 28, 2013, the San Francisco County Clerk’s Office can now issue marriage licenses and perform ceremonies to any couple wanting to marry.  

The hours for processing your marriage license are between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except legal holidays. You’ll have your license in hand within 30 minutes. 

You’ll be going to the County Clerk’s Office, Room 168 on the first floor.


Remember to allow time for going through security for both your marriage license application day and for you and your guests on the day of your ceremony.

San Francisco County Clerk
City Hall, Suite 168
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
San Francisco, CA 94102-4678
Phone: (415) 554-4950


The fee for your marriage license is $101.00. If you reserve online there is a $5.00 convenience fee. If you are getting your license in person, payment can be made with cash, money order, or debit card. Credit cards are not accepted.

Fridays, especially Friday afternoons are the busiest for both obtaining your license and for ceremonies. Our best advice is to schedule your appointments as soon in advance as possible for any date and especially for a Friday. Keep in mind that certain dates will be especially popular and will be snapped up quickly. Be ready 90 days before your wedding and get those reservations before someone else does.

Next, Arranging your CEREMONY

You’ll also make a reservation for your ceremony. There ceremony can be no more than 90 days from the issue date of the marriage license. Civil ceremonies are performed between 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The fee for the civil ceremony is $77.00, which can also be booked in person or online and also has a $5.00 convenience fee.

If you are making reservations for obtaining your marriage and your ceremony for the same day, we recommend booking the marriage license appointment for one hour before your ceremony time.

City Hall also accommodates private weddings at City Hall. The Events Office at City Hall will help you with these arrangements. They can be reached at 415 554-6086, and are in Room 495. The cost for a private wedding starts at approximately $1,000.00.

You have your choice of either the Mayor’s Balcony or a large private room on the fourth floor at City Hall. Private wedding spaces are rented by the hour.

In case all of the people who can marry you are busy will civil ceremonies, it can be a good idea to bring your own officiant for your private ceremony.

Bring as little as you can in the way of decorations because there aren’t disposal facilities available. You’ll be carrying out what you brought in.


Being nervous is OK! Have your photo ID and your marriage license with you.

You’ll be married by one of the judges or a justice of the peace. They rotate performing ceremonies depending on their schedules and all of them do a wonderful job. Many are relieved and pleased after the stress of the courtroom to be able to perform a celebratory and happy ceremony.

Most civil ceremonies will be in the Rotunda, on the second floor at the top of the amazing Grand Staircase. When it’s not terribly busy, some couples have asked for other locations within City Hall. It’s entirely up to the judge whom you will have met at the time you get your license. It doesn’t hurt to ask them.

You’ll need at least one witness, although two may sign your wedding certificate. If you don’t have a witness, we at IQ videography are always pleased and flattered to be your witness. If you are having a confidential marriage, you don’t need a witness.

City Hall says you can officially have six guests. However, it is a public building, meaning anyone can be there, and couples have brought more than six guests. The judges have been known to welcome your whole wedding party and even ask them to come in closer to witness your ceremony.

Ceremonies are scheduled every thirty minutes with three couples within that half hour. Your ceremony is set for a ten-minute time limit if there are couples before and after you.  

Since your ceremony may be limited to that ten minutes, we suggest taking any formal or family photos away from the ceremony spot to avoid bumping into other wedding parties.


And Finally, Getting to City Hall and Parking.

It couldn’t be easier for you and your guests. There’s a public parking garage below Civic Center Plaza. The car entrance is on McAllister Street between Polk (also known as Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place for the area around City Hall) and Larkin.

Both BART and Muni have stops at the Civic Center station. The walk to City Hall is about three and a half blocks. 

There are a number of judges and justices of the peace who rotate performing civil ceremonies. All the ones I’ve met have been lovely and wonderful; I’ve been told by a couple of judges that after days of hearing depressing court cases, performing marriage ceremonies is one of the best parts of their jobs. If you’re having a private ceremony, City Hall recommends that you use your own officiant, in case they overbook with civil ceremonies.

Is there a time limit for our ceremony?

Civil ceremonies are limited to ten-minute time slots, as there may be more couples getting married either immediately before or after you. I generally suggest taking any formal or family photos away from the ceremony spot so that everything moves quickly and efficiently. Rented spaces are available by the hour.

How many guests can we bring?

For civil ceremonies, you’re allowed six guests. However, it is a public space, so anyone can be there (which means ceremonies may be less private than you like). I’ve shot a few weddings there with way more than six guests in attendance, and so far, I’ve never seen a judge turn people away (if anything, they always invite everyone in a bit closer). Private ceremonies on the fourth floor and Mayor’s Balcony can hold up to one hundred guests.

Is there parking nearby or public transit to San Francisco City Hall?

Yes! There is a parking garage underneath the Civic Center Plaza; the entrance is on McAllister Street, between Polk (also called Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place on that block) and Larkin. City Hall is also close to the Civic Center station, where both BART and Muni stop.

What is the best day and time to get married there?

Civil ceremony reservations are available Monday through Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The best time depends on what kind of vibe you want. I’ve found Mondays through Wednesdays, especially in the mornings, are really quiet and a slower time for ceremonies, which means you may have your pick of ceremony location, and you probably won’t have as many people in the building to work around. Fridays, especially in the afternoon, are generally a very busy time for weddings, but there’s something really fun and unique about this experience; everyone is excited, the building is filled with love, and if you like watching awards shows for the dresses, Fridays at City Hall will definitely be your thing!

Do you have any other advice for couples getting married at City Hall?

I asked a few of my former City Hall couples for their advice, and here’s what they had to say:

Gwen: At City Hall you need time for the security line, time to get a lay of the land, time to gawk at the building, time to figure out where the balcony in question is, etc. Had we breezed through the office formalities and gone right up to our ceremony spot, my mother would have missed the ceremony. Basically, just make sure to let guests know that they should build in some buffer time.

Thanks for reading through this! We really hope that this information has been helpful. If it’s not already obvious, we think San Francisco City Hall is a really great place to get married. We love to do videos of weddings there, every single one of them. And we even film in 8 mm. sometimes too. We’d love to do your wedding video!

When we’re not at a wedding, we’re always available at 415-606-9791. We’d be more than happy to talk with you about your wedding plans.

We wouldn’t like to leave you without a little taste of some of our San Francisco City Hall weddings. We invite you to go on over and have a look. We hope is gets you in the mood!